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May 23, 2018

Fun Plans for a Rainy Afternoon

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you and your little ones need to sit around waiting for the sun to shine! There’s plenty to do inside – get creative and have a blast. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Shadow Puppets

These are fun for all ages but tend to really awe the toddlers. To make shadow puppets all you need is light behind your hand aimed at a light colored wall or canvas. It’s really neat in the dark but you can do it with any range of lighting, even sunlight. 

There are lots of animals and people you can make but starting off with a few basics will get you going. 

To make a bunny use your first two fingers to make a “V” (or a peace sign) and crook your fingers a little. You can move your fingers back and forth for the twitch effect. 

Make a bird by lacing your thumbs together and waving your hands simultaneously like the flapping of the bird wings. 

A dog is easy to do by lacing your fingers together, using your thumbs for the ears and your pinky fingers for the mouth. Move your pinky fingers in an up and down motion to look as if the dog is barking or the wolf is howling. Add some sound effects and your kids will love it!

Build A Fort

What kid doesn’t want to have his very own fort? It’s so easy to do indoors. All you need is a couch, a couple of kitchen chairs, an ottoman, a TV tray or really anything that you can use to construct your framework. Then drape sheets or blankets over your framework and voila you’re done. 

Your kids and even you will have lots of fun filled hours hanging out, playing games, reading or telling stories in your blanket (or pillow) fort. 

Plan Dinner and Dessert

Most kids want to get in the kitchen and help out. Take time to plan a dinner from start to finish with your children. Let them choose a dinner that they will be able to help make and a yummy dessert to finish it off. 

This will not only entertain them but help them to build confidence and ability in learning to cook AND cleaning up as they go. 

Family Game Night

Children love to spend fun times with their family and a great tradition to start is family game night. Plan one night out of the week (or more) to play a game with the kids. Pick an age appropriate game so the little ones don’t get bored too easily. 

Spending time with your children doing basic and fun things will fill their mind with memories they won’t soon forget. Not only that, but you’ll be teaching them a valuable skill: entertaining themselves without benefit of a computer or television screen. 

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